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Interscope Technologies established in 2000, as a self-funded and 100% black owned company. We’ve an innovative team of internationally trained professionals, having specialist skills in the ICT and Enterprise Communications sectors. Yes, all true!

Interscope’s track record indicates that sophisticated enterprise call centres do not scare us – and our 16-year association with large corporate customers.

Our commander in chief and major shareholder, Sipho Ndlovu is a seasoned entrepreneur holding various successful executive positions. Our gentle, but highly astute CEO has a knack for spotting and handpicking talent, as he does for sealing deals to ensure Interscope can offer the best of international technologies tailored for the needs of our local markets.

Interscope is well on track to become the leader in providing cutting edge ICT solutions and services, particular to the Telecoms market in the African region.

Interscope Technology is a certified reseller of Aspect call centre products in South Africa, and we’ve been identified by Aspect Software LTD (USA) to be a Cloud Hosting Reseller Partners, having our own data centres.

BEE Status

Interscope Technologies is a 100% black owned company, and  complies with the B-BBEE guidelines of South Africa.

Our Approach

It’s beyond the tech – and all about the conversation!

Interscope has a highly adept team experienced in providing turnkey solutions to the largest Communications company in South Africa, as well as other large-scale corporates and parastatals.

We’re not just a bunch of techies, we also enjoy a reputation of skilled practitioners with abilities that extending beyond product knowledge and technical skills.

Our dynamic team take things one step further, by ensuring we have an absolute knowledge of your industry, and the particular challenges your organisations faces. This is not just words to us, but a philosophy that sits at the core of every client engagement.

Simply put, we GET your consumer, from the technically challenged engagements of those in outlying areas to the Millennial generation consumer who are informed, have a voice, and want more.

We know how to ask the right questions to ensure we tailor custom designed products and services to ensure real-time, real value customer engagement.


Our Core Technical Competencies

Aspect Unified IP 7.2 and 7.3 TMS/UMS Installation/Support/Integration/Consulting. 

Aspect Advanced List Management 7.2 and 8.1 SP1 Installation/Support/Optimisation/Custom Report – 4 Dialler specialists with over 40 years combined experience in dialler optimisation. (ALM), also implemented with Optimiser.

Aspect Advanced Quality Management 7.2. And 8.1 SP1 (AQM).

Aspect Workforce Management Installation/Support/Services/Reporting (eWFM).

Aspect Performance Management Installation/Support/Services/Reporting (APM).

Aspect Social

Aspect Speech Analytics Installation/Support/Integration/Custom Report and Customer Query writing (Powered by Nexidia)

Aspect Back Office Optimisation Installation/Services/Integration and consulting (Powered by EG)

Aspect Voxeo Installation/Support/Integration/Development

For all your Customer Contact Center needs

For all your Customer Contact Center needs

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Aspect Software Limited





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    Company Registration No:            2000/011643/07

    VAT Registration No:                      4320192307

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