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Interscope offers a cloud hosted Zipwire software solution which brings omni-channel customer care delivering seamless transitioning from voice, mobile, web and social channels, with a fully-featured agent desktops support and advanced reporting and recording capabilities, all backed by a solid world-class service level agreement.

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Interscope offers a single feature-rich customer engagement platform deliver via convenient cloud on-premises, or consolidated hybrid solution. Simplify your omni-channel interactions with superior inbound routing, multi-session contact handling, compliant proactive outreach capabilities and tight integration with industry leading CRM applications.

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A Self-service solution, which provides two-way customer dialogues using self-service channels of IVR, SMS and Mobile Web, while enhancing the customer experience and allowing for seamless movement from one channel to the next all while preserving contextual consumer information.

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A self-service solution which gives today’s do-it-yourself consumers anytime, anywhere access to multichannel self-service, and so improving your customer satisfaction levels while reducing costs. Integrated technologies like text-to-speech (TTS) and automatic speech recognition (ASR), takes this intuitive experience further by intelligently matching customer inquiries to data from your back office systems, and additionally strategically automating complexity level for lesser or advanced customer engagement.

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With chat quickly becoming the communication channel of choice, allow your digital consumers instantly connect with an agent in real-time live-chat. Co-browsing, email management and knowledge management further enhance agent and consumer engagement, and so drive more successful transactions which benefit customer loyalty rates and your bottom line.

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The RTC Platform embraces Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) by allowing businesses to directly embed audio-only, or audio & video conversations within their website or mobile customer care apps, thereby aiding personalisation for enhanced customer experience and reducing costs while improving customer satisfaction. This collaboration functionality is in JavaScript API, as mobile SDKs and web gateway allows for screen sharing, document push, remote control, on-screen annotation and more.

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As customers increasing engage social media tools, Interscope gives you the ability to turning social monologues into productive dialogues – taking disciplined, constructive social actions, with optimising best practice social customer services and transformed this offering into a true social customer care channel. Aspect Social’s full suite of SAAS products include interaction management and workforce optimisation capabilities to enhance the dialogue between the agent and customer.

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CXP makes it easy to design, implement and deploy customer contact applications across multiple communications channels, like voice, text (IM, SMS, and USSD), mobile web, social networks like Twitter and smartphone applications. As smartphones become widespread, self-service has grown from simple IVR applications to a robust ecosystem. With CXP your business can deploy outbound notifications to deliver actionable reminders for customers to perform transactions such as confirm a scheduled appointment or pay a past-due bill. The CPX system further enables integration with available APIs to utilise voice biometrics, location-based services and more to make processes like validation and verification even more seamless.

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We offer a Natural Language Understanding engine that powers conversational text self-service and removes that stilted conversation used with rigid syntax. The NLU makes it possible to deliver automated self-service interactions on these channels like SMS and Twitter, with interactive, intuitive dialogues that are conversational and convenient.

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The AVP delivers industry-leading inbound and outbound IVR capabilities on premise or in the cloud, and a platform for deploying IVR applications. AVP provides sophisticated IVR technology supporting multiple languages, call progress analysis, HD/wideband audio, CTI support and the option of cloud-based PCI-compliant deployment. Self-service applications deployed on AVP can be deployed on a standalone basis or integrated with any contact centre solution, including the Unified IP platform.

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Interscope provides a proven, cloud-based and feature-rich customer engagement platform delivered on-premises, or as a hybrid solution. The UIP Predictive Dialler drives automated, timely and high-touch multichannel campaigns through mediums of voice, email or SMS. These ‘best time-to-call’ capabilities help initiate phone calls to customers and prospects at the times and places they are most likely to be reached. Track call histories to help design and inform optimal calling strategies
A simplified omni-channel interactions deliver superior inbound routing, multisession contact handling, compliant proactive outreach capabilities and tight integration with industry leading CRM applications.

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With CXP, it’s an easy to implement personalised self-service solution that gets customers a first-contact resolution – freeing up your call centre agents to address more complex problems. This dynamic self-service platform provides a consistent customer experience with two-way dialogue over the channels of IVR, SMS and Mobile Web – providing seamless interchangeable movement from one channel to the next all while preserving contextual consumer information. CXP gives one the ability to design, implement and deploy multichannel contact apps, for self-service customer engagement.


A Self-service solution. Interscope via the AVP delivers industry-leading inbound and outbound IVR capabilities on premise or in the cloud. AVP allows for the deployment of custom IVR applications like speech-driven IVR, intelligent call routing, IP-PBX solutions, IP call centre solutions, call recording, information retrieval, telephone surveys, order status, outage notifications, virtual receptionists, conferencing solutions and voice verification. All designed to provide access to information, for proactive outbound engagement – making it easy to improve service, drive sales and lower costs with Integrated technologies like text-to-speech (TTS) and automatic speech recognition (ASR), allows for intelligently matching customer inquiries to back-office data systems. Create an intuitive experience for customers that strategically automates less complex customer interactions, and increases customer satisfaction with your self-service applications. Should the customer inquiry becomes more complex, AVP seamlessly uses the context of the customer interaction to route the inquiry to the right agent and empower that agent with the appropriate context to personalise the interaction.

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Aspect EQ Workforce Optimisation Suite

Finding the balance between staffing supply and demand has never been easier. Interscope will assist you to monitor forecasts, schedules and track adherence of employee schedules, to ensure the right number of people with the right skills are present at the right time.

With EQ Workforce Management software, you can accurately and easily forecast staffing requirements across all customer-facing inbound, outbound and back office resources – this will include accurate forecasting and scheduling of voice, multi-session chat, email, social media and other interactions channels. Additionally, automatic historical pattern updates and calculation of shrinkage enables best possible forecasting models – while accommodating any agent’s personal schedule with a rich selection of employee schedule preferences – e.g. hours/week, shift length, start/stop times, workday patters, days per week, lunch time preference.

This software assist you in providing convenient, familiar workforce management tools to help agents more easily accomplish tasks, no matter how simple or complex – keeps them more engaged – and engaging — in important customer-facing work.

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Every time a customer contacts your contact centre and speaks to an agent, you have an opportunity to gain valuable insights during those thousands of interactions, and to ensure those interactions are of the highest possible quality.

Interscope will assist you in keeping a continuous record of all voice and screen agent interactions, using built-in AES 256 bit encryption to secure transmission and storage. EQ Recording enables you to create a valuable repository from which to measure the quality of individual agents, extract insights across many agents and prepare audio/visual training material. The SecureAgent pause/resume without intervention, based on desktop events or real-time speech analytics triggers allows for ease of process. Your agents will enjoy the system’s modern, intuitive, highly graphical user interface, and will quickly learn how to address quality issues and then get back to productive work.
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Aspect quality monitoring software allows for customer interactions to be evaluated by all parties including the supervisor, your customers, other agents, etc. This can be undertaken for quality assessment to calibrate quality scores for performance reviews, monitoring agents’ audio and screen interactions in real time. To also ensure consistency and then to determine the necessary structuring of coaching and training workflows sessions.
Automate the Quality Process with Speech Analytics
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Source: www.aspect.com
Speech analytics technology is an absolute necessity for effective quality management software solutions. It allows for the sampling of 100% of calls rather than typical 1% manual sampling – and so creating an objective baseline for calibration. This quality assessment tool is operable from a highly simplified, responsive, best practice and intuitive user interface – which allows you to automatically categorise calls for ease of review, with adhoc search on interactions using keywords and phrases, and within this interface the ability to listen to recorded interactions.
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The customer is the ultimate judge of quality – and wields the purchasing power. They’re the arbiters of whether they perceive the service to be poor or outstanding. Interscope integrates components of the EQ Workforce Optimisation portfolio to provide comprehensive insight into the customer’s viewpoint. The most truly objective of these is quality measurements determined by the EQ Surveys which gathers customer feedback in real-time while they are still focused on the experience.

EQ Surveys sports the following features:

• After the call, an email link is provided for the customer to click on, directing them straight to the on-line survey.
• Integrated customer surveys obtain feedback on customer interactions. Feedback from these surveys can be attached directly to the interaction on which it was based, so that specific performance improvements can be quickly addressed.
• Implement survey best practices including Customer Effort, Customer Satisfaction and scored to determine how agents are being perceived by customers and whether your brand is everything you want it to be
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Multiple sources of data are brought together to analysis that not employee and contact centre operational challenges and achievements, but also assists corrective action.

Accurately rating performance requires data from multiple sources, and disparate systems may portray data in contradictory ways making it sometimes difficult to accurately compare against target KPIs. Performance Management software therefore provides a “single source of truth” providing data from many sources in a convenient contributor framework. This additionally allows one to drill down into aggregated data, viewing performance management trends to gain valuable insights.

Performance management software also allows one to;
• Align individual agent goals with enterprise strategic priorities
• Create reports and analyses of employees across the organisation
• Export data in PDF and Excel formats for easier reporting
• Set thresholds for agent performance to initiate automated alerts and coaching
• Automate feedback to agents including understandable indicators of their performance
• Utilise built-in, ready-to-use best practices KPIs available out-of-the-box

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Coaching is a core essential of your contact centre, as the skills of your employees largely determine the quality of customer care, and therefore the overall efficiency of your organisation. In most contact centres, agent coaching is woefully under-attended. It’s an afterthought rather than a key priority.

Within the EQ Workforce Optimization platform, EQ Coaching is considered one of the major components thereof – with a well-integrated suite of components which cuts across performance management, quality monitoring, workforce management and now coaching too. Go full circle from automatically identifying performance issues and directly verifying problems via call recordings to recommending specific coaching actions and later re-evaluation of agent performance.

Aspect EQ Coaching allows you to:
• Integrate many sources of performance to determine that coaching is required
• Automatically detect poor performance requiring coaching
• Automatically or manually initiate coaching workflows that ensure all of the steps of the coaching process are completed in proper order
• Define expected completion timeframe
• Provide link to coaching action materials
• Create coaching rule templates
• Provide description of coaching action
• Allow supervisor and/or quality team to approve coaching assignments
• Maintain a history of coaching action details
• Report on impact of coaching
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Agents’ most common complaints are about not receiving enough training. When agents are trained they feel empowered, and when agents feel empowered they deliver the best customer experiences, operating at peak performance.

Most contact centres still use standard classroom style training, which is a resource strain when removing an agent from their workstation. With each agent having access to a desktop on a daily basis, it becomes the ideal vehicle for enterprises to deliver much needed and much appreciated training courses. Training can now be very effectively delivered to the agents desktop, and individually tailored to the needs of each agent. Interscope can supply packaged training sessions to agents and teams, based on their performance evaluations.
EQ eLearning includes:
• A rich portfolio of computer based training courses relevant to most contact centre challenges
• Ability to schedule training at the most appropriate times, especially when call volumes are low
• eLearning sessions assigned automatically or manually based on agent performance
• Quizzes at end of eLearning modules to test agent absorption
• Ability for agents to request access to training for approval by supervisors
• Ability to create and add new eLearning modules to the roster of eLearning courses.

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Speech and Text Analytics monitors the customer conversation via every communication channel with powerful analytics software.

Agents and customers are continually talking about your company. You now have the ability to understand what’s being said during these voice calls, text messages, IM chats, and social media interactions – to enable you to respond in a more compelling way, even in real-time. Interscope through the tools of Speech Analytics, gives you the ability to transform agent conversations into a rich repository of actionable insights that fuel individual, team and operation-wide performance improvements. An intuitive dashboards gives you the ability to gain valuable insights into the unstructured Big Data available in all of your interaction channels.

Speech and text analytics solutions combine phonetics with powerful LVCSR (Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition) speech analytics for fast and accurate search and categorisation that extends to all captured data. Discover potential areas of improvement before they impact your business thanks to automated intelligence, made possible by analysis software. EQ Speech Analytics and EQ Engagement Analytics give you two of the most powerful tools in the marketplace for understanding the voice of the customer and how it should impact your operation to ultimately deliver the highest quality interactions.

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Contact centres are complex ecosystems, and to ensure efficiencies you want to know at a detailed level what agents are doing on their desktops to gather insights that can give you quantum leaps in productivity and quality. Interscope will help you to unlock the vast array of information that exists right on the agent desktop – with desktop analytics which gives you access to a complete history of system response times, agent keystrokes, specific applications accessed, links followed… essentially everything happening on the agent desktop in both the front office and back office.

From this rich collection of data, you can identify bottlenecks, develop agent desktop metrics, service compliance problems, and surface system performance delays, highlight opportunities for improving the agent experience, improve agent applications, and much more.

Make the Most of Your Desktop Data
EQ Desktop Analytics gives you the power to get the most from the wealth of information available on the agent’s desktop. Using EQ Activity Insight, you can capture, monitor and report about the desktop. With EQ Activity Automation, you can automate repetitive tasks and simplify the agent’s job using that data.

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Interscope assists you in optimise your workforce across your entire organisation, in not only the front office, but also the most critical core of your enterprise, being your back office operations. EQ Workforce Management takes the view that the back office is an extension of the front office when it comes to forecasting, scheduling, tracking, performance monitoring, coaching, analytics and many other aspects of WFO.

We bridge the gap between back office and front office with robust tools capable of making staffing projections, incorporating multiple skills such as those required in most back office environments. By combining Aspect workforce optimisation solutions with Aspect EQ Back Office, our powerful real-time work allocation solution for back office work tasks, gives you the best of both worlds. And a way to allocate and re-allocate work based on resource availability and SLAs. That’s the unique power of Aspect EQ Back Office which benefits improved efficiency, quality and visibility to the next level by thoroughly monitoring and managing the back office labour force.
Workforce Management for Back Office
PM for Back office icon1
Source: www.aspect.com

• Plan multi-skilled labour across tasks, departments, locations
• Understand what SLAs are achievable given work volumes, backlog and characteristics of your resource pool
• Assess the impact of changing work volumes to ensure you have the right resources to meet your goals
• Review likely labour scheduling scenarios and create schedules that meet your objectives, while avoiding overstaffing or understaffing
• Track historical and real-time performance or schedule adherence
• Allow employees to select preferred scheduling options
• Utilize sophisticated business rules to conform to labour regulations and meet service level standards
• Support virtually any system that captures work processes

Performance Management for Back Office
PM for Back office icon2
Source: www.aspect.com

• Improve employee performance and productivity with a user-friendly dashboards
• Aggregate data from many different systems for “one source of truth”
• Access scorecard data from EQ Quality Monitoring
• Analyse back office data from different perspectives to gain new operational insights
• Reduce IT costs with a business intelligence application and performance management software

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Specific types of work demand specific type of skillsets, and optimally managing a contact centre or back office workforce is a real challenge. If you want to ensure that the right employee is available at the right time to do a specific type of work, you need robust workforce management software, especially in environments with many employees, high turnover, diverse skill requirements or any combination of those factors. Aspect has a workforce management package that’s suited to the unique needs of your contact centre. Interscope will assist you to match your needs to the most appropriate package.

Consider the following family of EQ Workforce Management packages:

Aspect EQ Workforce Management Basic
Whether a large or small contact centre, Aspect’s #1 workforce management platform has the following software components:
• Aspect EQ Workforce Management – Full featured inbound workforce management with sophisticated forecasting and scheduling capability
• Aspect EQ Empower – Flexible self-service requesting, reviewing and automatic approving of schedule changes as well as communicating those changes as they occur
• Aspect EQ Perform – Provides real-time monitoring of agent adherence to schedules as well as individual and summary views of agent productivity

Aspect EQ Workforce Management Advanced
Many enterprise contact centre have workforce management needs that go beyond just inbound WFM and require a broader performance view.

Aspect EQ Workforce Management Advanced offers all of the above plus sophisticated workforce management for outbound calls as well as a number of other important software components. This package includes:

• Aspect EQ Allocate – Allows you to balance your workforce across multiple global sites
• Aspect EQ Reserve – An automated seat planning and management tool.
• Aspect EQ Encompass – Allows your contact centres and outsources to share WFM data so you can fully balance all of your workforce resources.
• Aspect EQ Performance Management Basic – A powerful data collection, aggregation and analysis tool that gives you a complete picture of how your centre is operating.

Aspect EQ Workforce Management Enterprise
The full bells and whistles of these workforce management packages is the Aspect EQ Workforce Management Enterprise, which give you the full capabilities of Aspect EQ Workforce Management Advanced – and integrates more advanced performance management, coaching, desktop analytics and back office optimization.
Components include:

• Aspect EQ Performance Management Enterprise – Powerful data analysis that can be integrated with any contact centre or back office system as well as full coaching workflows.
• Aspect EQ Desktop Analytics – Deep insight into every keystroke and application on the employee desktop whether in the front or back office.
• Aspect EQ Back Office – All the work distribution, tracking, and performance monitoring needed for an efficiently running back office operation.

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To maintain superior quality customer engagements, recording and quality management are essential drivers of every contact centre. The ability to taking immediate and impactful action when quality falls is paramount to such endeavours. Interscope can assist with such challenges by the integration of the EQ Recording and Quality Management Packages for entry level to enterprise call centres – these packages comprising of;

EQ Recording Basic
Designed for entry level contact centres, requiring only the bare essential capacity to record, archive, index and play back voice and screen recordings in an environment that is PCI compliant. EQ Recording Basic includes a richly featured EQ Recording software as well as 256 bit AES encryption and SecureAgent start/stop recording to ensure confidential data is not included in call and screen recordings.

EQ Quality Management Advanced
Advanced operations that need basic call and screen recording, as well as quality monitoring, surveys, performance management and coaching, we offer the EQ Quality Management Advanced.

This feature-rich package provides a complement of WFO capabilities, driving your net promoter and customer sat scores in a meaningful way. Get a broad picture of agent performance including agent, mentor and customer measured quality in a balanced scorecard and automatically trigger the coaching necessary to keep agents operating at their best and ensure customers are happy.

EQ Quality Management Enterprise
For larger and more sophisticate call centres, we offer EQ Quality Management Enterprise which includes the above features, plus speech analytics and eLearning.

The system identify quality and operational problems before determined, and zeroing in on the details of identified problems. With the ability to monitor 100% of calls instead of a small sample, it will dramatically improve your quality – while eLearning is a major asset in upskilling your agents from their desktop.

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Contact centres have evolved to be complex ecosystems. In a logical upgrade path, Interscope can take your existing workforce optimisation set-up to the most effective and affordable WFO technologies right now – and dramatically improve the quality and efficiency of your contact centre. This affordable yet powerful package includes the following WFO components:
• Aspect EQ Workforce Management Inbound – full featured, award winning, inbound workforce management with sophisticated forecasting and scheduling capability
• Aspect EQ Empower – flexible self-service requesting, reviewing and automatic approving of schedule changes as well as communicating those changes as they occur
• Aspect EQ Perform – provides real-time monitoring of agent adherence to schedules, and individual and summary views of agent productivity
• Aspect EQ Performance Management Basic – collect, correlate and analyse contact centre data from many sources and draw valuable insights
• Aspect EQ Recording – call and screen recording and playback with AES 256 bit encryption and pause/resume for PCI compliance
• Aspect EQ Surveys – web-based surveys for customer measured quality insights into agent performance
• Aspect EQ Quality Monitoring – supervisor, agent and customer evaluations using definable evaluation forms as well as evaluation calibration
• Aspect EQ Coaching – automatically determine the need for coaching and initiate coaching actions
Aspect EQ Workforce Optimization Advanced
For the larger and more complex contact centres, Aspect offers the Aspect EQ Workforce Optimization Advanced which includes all of the above WFO functions as well as the following:
• Aspect EQ Workforce Management Outbound – full featured workforce management for outbound contact centres with the same sophisticated forecasting and scheduling capability of our inbound solution
• Aspect EQ Allocate – allows you to balance your workforce across multiple global sites
• Aspect EQ Reserve – automated seat planning and management tool
• Aspect EQ Encompass – allows your contact centres and outsourcers to share WFM data so you can fully balance all of your workforce resources
• Aspect EQ Speech Analytics – essential speech analytics capability, so you can spot problems which you were not aware of
• Aspect EQ eLearning – diverse collection of computer based training courses relevant to most contact centre challenges
Aspect EQ Workforce Optimisation Enterprise
Larger organisations find the Enterprise version of Aspect EQ Workforce Optimisation embraces the view that front office and back office employees can be managed better and often even blended in their daily tasks. This comprehensive offering includes all of the features and functions of the advanced version but also includes the following:
• Aspect EQ Back Office – complex work task distribution, real-time work redistribution, tracking, and performance monitoring for an efficiently running back office operation meeting target SLAs
• Aspect EQ Desktop Analytics – gain deep insight into every keystroke and use of applications on the employee desktop



Drag-and-drop tools assists you with features and functionalities to build, deploy, manage, report and analyse automated communications applications.
Self-Service Development Tools
Aspect offers various tools to help developers and business users alike deliver compelling automated communications applications to their customers – from traditional IVR app to prequalify a caller before transferring to an agent in the contact centre, or full-fledged self-service voice portals to give customers 24/7 access to critical business data, advanced ITR (Interactive Text Response) or mobile app that allow the mobile customer to conduct business over voice, text channels such as SMS, Instant Messaging, Twitter or mobile and web apps.
Our main graphical developer and business user tools are:
• CXP Developer – Developers use this to build, deploy and maintain omni-channel self-service applications. This tool is based on the Eclipse framework and features drag-and-drop application development based on an object-based dialog design paradigm, and CXP Commander for service operations and management (OAM&P) tasks. CXP Commander also comes as a Web-based interface.
• CXP Business User Interface. Business users can be enabled to use the Web-based BUI (Business User Interface) to control aspects of the app not requiring developer intervention. From prompt changes to holiday outage notification activation, to changes of business hours or call transfer destination numbers, business users get an easy-to-use tool for quick changes to running applications without having to go through IT or lengthy internal change management processes.


Prophecy IVR
For service providers, Prophecy provides a robust platform for multi-tenant IVR applications, and a communications platform for companies with ease to interact with customers in ways that improve service, drive sales, and lower costs.

Built on the core principle of simplicity, easy to install and on open standards, Prophecy delivers everything from speech-driven self-service and outbound IVR to unified communications and innovative SIP applications.

• Unified Self-Service. Using Prophecy in combination with Aspect Customer Experience Platform (CXP) allows you to multiply your ROI by leveraging VoiceXML application interaction via voice, fax, SMS, Twitter, web-chat, mobile web browsers and smartphone apps.
• Bye bye application development! Prophecy addresses a wide range of developer skill sets and preferences so you can deploy better applications faster and make changes with ease. Write Prophecy applications directly in VoiceXML or CCXML; or use CXP Pro, the bundle of Aspect CXP and Prophecy, to benefit from rich features for the design, development, deployment, and reporting of IVR applications.
• Stay in control with Prophecy Commander. See your application stats in real time, provision network resources on the fly, configure and manage multiple distributed systems, and more. Commander brings the full capabilities of our patented, multi-tenant IVR virtualisation and distribution technology to any Prophecy deployment. The full configuration and provisioning functionality is available both via an intuitive web GUI and via a versatile, web service based API.
• Tap into the power of native SIP support. Prophecy is light years ahead of the competition in the delivery of a clean, scalable SIP foundation that brings together diverse applications and devices, eases access to enterprise data, and lowers the cost of transferring calls with direct IP to IP connectivity.

Install in minutes. Download and install the Prophecy platform for free from www.voxeo.com/prophecy

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Aspect CXP Developer for Self-Service Applications and the CXP Developer Edition is a feature-rich creation environment for design, build, deploy and managing self-service applications across multiple communications channels. From single-channel inbound solutions to large, multi-channel, multi-tenant implementations with integrated interactive voice response (IVR), SMS, social channels, smartphone applications and mobile web and more.
The CXP’s toolkit addresses the full application life cycle, creating portable applications which operate seamlessly in conjunction with Aspect’s contact centre interaction management platforms or your third-party contact centre solution.
CXP includes a graphical, Eclipse‑based integrated development environment, which including tools for call flow and GUI/VUI design, media management, testing and simulation, CXP makes it simple to reuse the “building blocks” of one application to redeploy that application for another channel or business unit.
Complicated QA procedures such as testing for screen resolution compatibility are simplified with our mobile device simulator.
The rich analytics capabilities in CXP support business users and developers alike. CXP Hotspot Analytics enable application changes based on production data – uniquely highlighting data and Key Performance Indicators within the application dialog flow, so you can quickly spot potential areas for improvement and take immediate action to optimise self-service.
CXP Business User Interface, empowers business users to make basic configuration changes like operating hours and IVR prompt ordering – freeing up development hours for more complex tasks.
Get started using CXP for free – via the Evolution portal.
Trial the platform to build and test applications, once ready to launch Interscope will assist you in providing flexible deployment options on-premises or in our global cloud.
Evolution portal:
For more info:

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Voice and video chat plus screen-sharing and co-browsing capabilities enhance the customer-agent interaction. Transform customer engagement into a personalised experience, while reducing telecommunication costs and improving customer satisfaction.
Aspect RTC Platform embraces the WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications) standard allowing businesses to directly embed audio-only or audio & video conversations and collaboration functionality within their website or mobile customer care apps. Customers benefit from audio, video, co-browsing, on-screen drawing and much more without having to download additional software.
Additionally, RTC Platform can control costs by reducing PSTN (public switched telephone network) costs by processing incoming calls using Internet telephony and the SIP protocol, and is available with an OpEx-friendly subscription pricing model based on per-minute (cloud) or per-port (on-premises) usage.

Key components of Aspect RTC Platform include:

• RTC Client: A JavaScript API for web development and mobile SDKs for app development – a few lines of code in each environment turn your website and apps into a communications hub for audio, video and data transfer.
• RTC Server: The RTC Application Server, RTC Web Gateway and RTC Media Broker provide a SIP gateway in the cloud and on-premise, helping you connect to your existing infrastructure.
• RTC Collaborate: For richer customer experiences, RTC Collaborate enables screen sharing, document push, remote control and on-screen annotation.

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With a friendly graphical, web-based interface, the CXP Business User Interface (BUI) allows non-technical users to easily make administrative changes to routing, self-service applications and system-wide messages on the fly, without assistance from the IT department. IT would determines the level of flexibility granted to business users, with change history and the ability to roll back if needed. However, common parameters managed with the CXP BUI include network announcements, contact centre hours of operation, routing to agent skill groups, outage messages, promotional messages and revision or re-ordering of IVR options.

This solution enables faster response to business issues and opportunities, while freeing IT to focus on more complex requirements.

For more info:

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The Aspect Zipwire API integrates voice and video chat into mobile apps and your own website. Then, streamline your customer’s journey with one-click routing to a live agent via voice, text or video. Switching from customer self-service on your mobile app or website, to assistance from a live agent is a seamless process.

The Zipwire API facilitates one-click routing to a live agent via voice, text or video, streamlining the customer’s journey toward issue resolution. Based on the context of the customer’s interaction and the desired channel for the dialogue, Zipwire API will appropriately route the customer to the correct agent. The agent is brought up to speed on the customer’s query via a screen pop with relevant information. Then, customers and agents can share photos, links and documents that supplement the conversation and provide additional context, or engage in video chat for real-time, “face-to-face” help.

By combining the right agent, the right context and the right information, the likelihood of first-contact resolution is increased, as well as overall customer satisfaction and retention.

Aspect Zipwire also scales with your business and stays up-to-date, streamlining the process and lowering your overall costs, while increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Advantages of our Zipwire cloud contact centre include:
Cloud Deployment
Cloud delivery ensures that your contact centre adapts to changing demands with the ability to turn on features as needed and eliminates up-front capital investment, backed by Zipwire’s unique, industry-leading 100% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA).
CRM Integration
Show your customers you know them by supporting all of their interactions with data on their preferences and previous interactions.
Reduced Complexity
A unified agent desktop and omni-channel routing reduce the complexities of supporting multiple channel.
Workforce Management
Ensure adequate staffing for all channels and skills with easy-to-use cloud-based workforce management tools.
Performance Management
Keep your agents’ KPIs aligned with your corporate KPIs using a “single source of truth” and coaching.
Supervisor Tools
Call recording, customizable interaction scoring, screen-sharing and screen-capture help supervisors provide feedback on agent performance.
Post-Contact Surveys
After an interaction, feedback from the customer provides data to measure customer satisfaction and optimize processes.
Actionable Analytics
Customizable and pre-built real-time analytics and reporting help improve first-contact resolution, maximize service-to-sales opportunities, monitor call quality and more.
Mobile Ready
The Zipwire Mobile and Web API leverages mobile and web capabilities for sharing photos, videos and documents, integrating mobile customer service functionality into your apps and websites without significant redesigns.
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