The Interscope team are not just a bunch of techies, they understand your business and commercial needs, the requirement for value-added services, the absolute necessity for seamless customer communication and conversation tracking – as well as the essential analytical and reporting needs to make strategic but dynamic decisions

Interscope Technologies has carved a niche for themselves working with blue chip telecommunications organisations and corporates across South Africa, offering them top drawer, award winning contact centre solutions and services.
Coupled with these industry leading solutions, Interscope always brings their highly skilled A-team for onsite analysis and assessment of your particular contact centre challenges to determine a complete solution for your organisation.
Being in the sort after position as a Value-add Reseller of Aspect solutions, Interscope has managed to set themselves apart, with their main differentiator being their unparalleled level of professionalism, technical ability and service.
Interscope look to utilise the Aspect suite of products, but bring their own level of technical expertise to bear by customising and localising as each particular and unique customer challenges occurs.


Troubleshoot to reduce costs, improve performance and improve the customer experience

Our Business System Analyst originates from a strong contact centre background working with small and large enterprise systems.
We are able to optimise your existing contact centre platforms, its processes and systems, regardless of what technology you are using. We undertake a full system analysis to ascertain the performance levels of your business – and show you how to get the most out of your current contact centre, and were applicable, we can suggest tailor-made solutions from our extensive range of contact centre applications that are appropriate for your business model. This process of analysis and problem solving includes Contact centre best practice, working with your Management Information System, determining risk, additionally working with your contact centre team, including end to end system improvements with guaranteed ROI. Over and above this process, we would assist you to cut costs in telephony and staffing while still improving customer experience and enhance customer service.


In-house application development for apps, chat and more.

Interscope are excited to be able to offer you custom CXP Pro application – which offers the ability to develop custom-designed Mobile applications, additional Chat messaging, SMS text communication, integrating Social media and many other solutions. Being able to develop these communication channels in-house,  saves your organisation substantial outlay and allows you to quickly deploy new applications. To get started just follow the call to action Sales Enquiry form to have one of our consultants contact you.


Your reporting process made easy.

Interscope offer an enterprise grade reporting platform (SSRS) which was developed in-house after much research and discussion with clients to ascertain their specific reporting needs.

The Interscope SSRS solution removes the retrains around the current reporting platforms as supplied with Aspect product suite. Interscope integrates reporting within the current Aspect suite, taking the new Enterprise reporting in the latest version of Aspect Unified IP to a whole new level – in which we deliver custom reports across multiple enterprise sites.

Our in-depth knowledge of all the databases in the Aspect products suite, including Aspect UIP, AQM, ALM, WFM, APM, and Integration analytics to name a few – ensures that we are able to incorporate any of these platform stats in combined reports for ultimate service efficacy.

Reporting gives you a better reading on your business, and how to improve its health.


API efficiency for integrating Aspect products

Interscope’s years of experience in the contact centre ecosystem, has ensure that they have develop tools to optimise complex systems, and so enable seamless and speedy deployment.

Interscope has enhance the Aspect suite of products by developing and implementing their own API’s for seamless integration between all the Aspect platforms, as well as any backend systems, by either using standard API’s or Web services.

Interscope has enabled this ability to ensure the seamless integration and adoption of these specialist products – and so saving you the customer money, as well as facilitating speed of deployment.


Making the core of your business as important as your front office.

At Interscope, we are proud to have an experienced back office analytics team with extensive experience in the full range of back office system, and particularly using the Aspect ABOO product.

Our analytical back office experts will assist you by mapping all your back office processes, taking your key staff through onsite (and offsite) perform training on the ABOO studio, as well as supply you with value added reporting services. We are proud to say that this value-added reporting service is a one of a kind and that no other Aspect partner in South Africa can currently undertake. do.

Interscope’s back office consulting services will save you millions in back office consulting and process mapping. Certainly a win win situation


We get you – systems management is our game!

Interscope can easily say that they’ve work on some of the most secure infrastructures, with the most stringent security, firewall, multiple vLAN’s, in different geographic location, and using secure and encrypted connections.
In this landscape things can go wrong – but Interscope’s experienced team have worked diligently to ensure they have an impeccable reputation for easily managing all these processes with efficient project management.
Interscope manages all their own platform and systems implementations from all project management functions through to surveys – and performing their own site surveys to ensure all prerequisites are met for an on premise installation.


Ensuring 24/7 Uptime

Interscope use the latest analytic tools to ensure all the on premise infrastructure we install meet the latest requirements. We here refer to the server requirements, network requirements and storage requirements in front office and back office ensuring 24/7 uptime.
These analytical tools ensure that after we map the environment, we can monitor and determine issues as they occur and with ease address these while feeding back to the relevant stakeholders.
We take the sweat out of detecting issues and minimise, or eradicate downtime.


Interscope being fully compliant!

ICT Information and Communication Technology
We comply to all ICT standards, and the Interscope teams are all ITEL certified.

We ensure all our interactions with our customers fall within the ICT frameworks, policies and management. We adhere to all strict chance control standards in DESIGN AND PLANNING, DEPLOYMENT, OPERATIONS, TECHNICAL SUPPORT. (These are in caps, as we are super serious about compliance).

We’re also able to implement ICT and ITEL standards in your organisation in the form of systems or processes. Many corporates have embraced ITEL standards for small to medium entities, and we would gladly put similar processes in place for organisation too.

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