icon-custom-ivr-apps-greenCONTACT CENTER

Aspect Call Centre software delivers a cross channel complete experience, whether in the cloud or on-premises – leveraging customer profiles and preferences to drive personalised interactions. Interscope believe in giving customers what they need to connect with their consumers from mobile and IVR self-service to agent-assisted conversations, or as inbound and outbound voice, email, SMS, chat and social media too – and utilises Aspect’s call centre software to deliver state of the art solutions.

The power and versatility of the Cloud will help you stay current with the latest customer engagement technologies, while boosting your customer satisfaction. The Cloud allows for effortless system scalability, as well as flexible and reliable operations. This complete solution while lowering overall costs, is coupled with a first-rate contact centre, certainly a winning solution for all.

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

Our contact centre platforms automate the entire inbound customer interaction – from self-service, to contact routing, to agent skill selection, to contact recording and post-inquiry surveys.

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Interscope will empower your agents to do business at the speed of the customer. Customers want to dynamically engage with your business, and this means using the communication tools of voice, email, web chat, IM routing, SMS text and social channels while on the go. Agents are able to communicate by multimedia blending from one workstation.

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The Multi-channel experience, but better. We will assist you to deliver a consistent customer experience on voice, mobile, web and social channels – breaking the silos to allow customers to seamlessly transition across channels and not having to repeat steps as they journey across multiple channels looking for assistance.

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Audio and Video Chat

The Real Time Communication Platform enhances your mobile apps and websites with real-time chat, without having to download additional software, a push of a button allows for audio-only or audio and video conversations between enterprise contact centres and customers on the Web or mobile apps. Additionally, your user profile data and session activity is captured, providing agents with historical and real-time context for each interaction.

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Make it Social

Interscope will assist you to socially connect with your customers by developing a digital strategy as an integrated part of consumer engagement. Your customers are already leveraging social media to seek help, advice and information. We can help your business socially interact with these customers in a cost-effective manner using proven contact centre efficiencies.

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CRM Integration

Build relationships with your customers, by make the best use of an enterprise content management data system. Interscope will empower your contact centre with the ability to build rapport with your customers and advance your competitive edge by meeting today’s growing customer expectations.

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Experience Continuity

When consumers move from self-service to live-service, or switch between channels, and even when they switch between proactive outbound communication and inbound service inquiries, the Continuity Service preserves context, by data collected and sharing during these self-service interaction – and in so doing maintaining continuity of customer engagement.

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icon-customer-selfserviceSELF SERVICE SOLUTIONS

Self-Service solutions allow you to design apps once and deploy anywhere – across IVR, text, social and mobile. Utilise the power of automation and natural language understanding (NLU) to increase first contact resolution rates, without customers ever talking to an agent. Interscope will assist you to transform simple one-way notifications into two-way conversations, making it easy for customers who prefer texting over talking.

Customer Self-service

The norm of today’s consumer is one of self-reliance. With online banking services, flight bookings, and even retail shopping at the fingertips of the modern shopper, we’ve responded to this need with the introduction of the Aspect Customer Self-Service software that allows the consumer to own the conversation.
This digital solution offers the customer the flexibility beyond the traditional IVR, using inbound and outbound self-service solutions of SMS, IVR, social media, mobile apps and emerging channels, with the ability to pop back into agency assistance without losing the information already provided.

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IVR Systems

Interactive voice response technology (IVR), with integrated Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) for conversational IVR communications, as well as Text-to-Speech (TTS) capabilities assists the customer with self-service tools that effortlessly delivers a personalised, conversational service. Common inbound and outbound queries, notifications like appointment reminders, and an IVR system to collect customer responses and facilitate two-way dialogues, is backend supported for an agent to seamlessly pick up the conversation train for future session queries.

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Custom IVR Apps

Robust IVR applications is tailored and personalised for your customer needs. Interscope offers you a voice user interface design for complex systems, inclusive of proactive outbound notification messaging to facilitate customer responses, to API-enhanced solutions with voice authentication for financial application tools, as well as location data like store locators, survey data collection and more.

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Mobile Self-service

Self-service solutions that allow your business to take full advantage of the power and ubiquity of today’s mobile devices to improve customer loyalty, optimise services, reduce contact centre costs and gain competitive advantages. We offer multiple channels for you to reach the ‘mobile’ consumer, who may prefer to call, text, utilise a mobile app or website, or interact via social media. Interscope will provide mobile web customer service portals and smartphone applications, for inbound and outbound two-way automated text applications in SMS and USSD, integrate Location-Based Services for at point of interest enhanced customer experience and so much more for the always switched on consumer.

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Turn your Text-based self-service channels of SMS and social media into two-way self-service dialogues and proactive notifications. Often times the convenience of interacting on a text channels better suits a customer’s busy lifestyle than a call to an IVR or agent. Interactive text response (ITR) solution transform one-way notification to two-way conversation with integrated SMS and social media channels including Twitter.

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icon-aspect-proactive-engagement-suiteCUSTOMER OUTREACH

The Customer outreach solutions powers automated multichannel campaigns and high-touch proactive customer care for best-in-class features which include contact centre applications like ACD/PBX, outbound predictive dialer, call recording and business analytics. All enterprise-ready and third-party PCI-DSS certified.

Send reminders, deliver important notifications or collect debts—through voice, email or SMS. Blend inbound and outbound multi-channel conversations. Connect while staying compliant. And build better customer relationships with every interaction even when doing sensitive tasks like debt collection.

Proactive Outbound

Aspect leads the outbound dialer market with contact capabilities that power automated multichannel campaigns and high-touch proactive customer care delivered through voice, email or SMS.

Advance notice to customers about

  • product info
  • flight rebook
  • personalised info
  • prescription refills
  • low balances, and more
Predictive Dialer

Take advantage of real-time business intelligence, list and campaign management, which is optimised across single or multiple predictive diallers. Aspect Predictive Dialler Solutions – ranked as #1 in the outbound contact centre market for 10+ years – will assist with increased contact rates, enhance agent productivity while lowering costs.
Make smart decisions on whom to contact, as well as when and how with this cloud and on-premises outbound solutions – currently used by some of the largest enterprise organisations to efficiently manage high-volume, high-touch automated multichannel campaigns through voice, email or SMS. The predictive dialler functionality makes it possible for businesses to detect busy signals, fax machines, voicemail and no-answers with configurable reattempt and escalation rules. Adjust campaign pacing for improved agent productivity, compliance and effective use of your telephony resources while easily managing Do Not Call (DNC) lists, time zones, number portability, and so much more.

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At Interscope we are always looking for win-win solutions, and the Aspect EQ Workforce optimisation solutions increase productive for your call centre agents, while enhancing their everyday work lives. This entails real-time coaching via smartphones too in workforce, quality and performance management – and designed to adapt rapidly and cost-effectively to your changing contact centre needs. This workforce optimisation solution guarantees better quality customer interactions, enhanced agent skill levels and improved customer experience at all levels and at a lower operating cost.


The attitude of your call centre agents has a huge impact on customer satisfaction and the impression they leave with customers. The role of the agent and their job satisfaction can directly affect your organisations bottomline as well as client retention. Additionally, the role of social media and increasing use of self-service IVR to handle simpler customer interactions, is becoming increasingly important in the customer service ecosystem. Workforce planning is more complex than ever before, balancing the needs of customers and employees alike, so larger business goals are always in sight.

Therefore Interscope, uses the proven highly effective workforce planning software and optimisation tools. The EQ Workforce Optimisation suite incorporates a common modern, graphical, icon and widget-based UI that makes historically complex workforce planning actions a snap. By removing the technology barrier, we enhance the work lives of agents and empower them to be better at what they do. We’re also giving agents easy access to workforce planning tools via smartphones using the Workforce Mobile solution, so they can manage their schedule from anywhere with ease.

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Interscope understands that the very heart of your organisation is often your back office operations, but typically one is unable to determine its efficiencies and whether it’s serving your customers adequately. This is especially so when the front and back office are in disparate parts of the organisation, have different success metrics, and sometimes are on opposing sides, especially when the primary product is a work item or task that might be processed by many employees and take days or weeks to complete. The divide between these key parts of your organisation is often great.

Interscope using the Aspect Back Office Optimisation tools takes an enterprise-wide view of operational efficiency and customer engagement, with solutions that allow you to get the very best from both your front and back office, separately and working as one cohesive unit.

There is now a way to extend the benefits you enjoy in your front office to other parts of the organisation, and at the same time give you the ability to “blend” your back and front office workforces. EQ Back Office acts like a virtual queue to optimally distribute work to your back office employees whether it be reports, email, white mail or other. It monitors work item progress in real-time and re-allocates work to other employees when resources are out of balance. When used with EQ Workforce Optimisation, you create a very powerful tool for your enterprise-wide customer engagement and productivity arsenal. This combined solution allows you to bring the advantages of Work Force Optimisation to your back office, whether in retail banking, claims processing, mortgage processing, insurance application processing or other vertical markets.

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Big data comes in two flavours – structured and unstructured. The Call Centre Analytics solution ensures that you can mine both, across conversations and transactions, using speech and desktop analytics.

Analytics in Many Forms
Whether you’re using multiple channel communication or the conventional call centre, you want to extract valuable insights from these interactions – and you can now do so with speech analytics, desktop analytics, text analytics, IVR analytics, web analytics and analytics.

Speech Analytics¹
Customer interaction analytics (including speech analytics) is the process of taking unstructured data trapped in the audio of recorded calls, emails, chat transcripts or other customer interactions, and turning it into structured data that can be searched and analysed. This entails collecting conversations from all your source system of call recorder, VOIP stream, email systems and its associated metadata, such as which agent handled the interaction, what day and time did it occur, and who the customer was.

Your audio source also undergoes a speech recognition process where sounds are turned into text, while extracting acoustic signals. Thereafter the system automatically analyses the interactions for certain language patterns to categorize, score or tag contacts as containing certain language or characteristics.

All of this data is put into action by providing direct feedback to analysts, supervisors, and agents through notifications and reports. The result process is a unified data view for ALL types of customer interactions.

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Using Voice in a Multi-Channel World (Speech Analytics)¹
The role of speech analytics is of paramount importance as contact centres seek to understand the underlying issues in voice-based customer communication. (Aberdeen Report) View Report http://www.aspect.com/solutions/workforce-optimisation/call-centre-analytics
Customer Experience Analytics (CEA)
We understand that to get a true picture of the customer experience, one needs to synthesise many sources of information.

Customer Experience Analytics is all about providing organizations with the ability to understand the dynamics, quality and outcomes of every interaction, across every channel. Interscope makes this possible through the ability to capture the context of interactions that flow between customers and agents through voice recordings, email text, IM and chats. The use of the CEA tools brings together a stellar line-up of solutions:

1. Analytics for Speech and Text – defines the holistic customer experience through all speech and text-based channels including chat, email, Web, mobile and social media.

2. Desktop Analytics – tracks and every action performed by an agent on a desktop – whether an application is installed on agents’ machines or accessed virtually through a browser.

3. Post-Interaction Surveys – capture the Voice of the Customer after key interactions through easy-to deploy, engaging web-based and IVR surveys.

4. Performance Management – provides dynamic analytics based on the quality of the interaction; consumer sentiment as well as agent, and employee behaviours. Tracks and report on performance, productivity and compliance against KPIs in real time, triggering intelligent actions or workflows.

Customer Experience Analytics makes every interaction a source for a new competitive advantage in an era where the contact centre is the new centre of the customer experience.

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icon-cloud-contact-centerCLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE & PLATFORMS

Enjoy ease of deploying comprehensive cloud-based interaction management and workforce optimisation technologies without bearing the significant upfront capital investment thereof. With the Interscope Cloud keep data secure with full standards compliance, or deploy our solutions on premise or in a hybrid implementation that streamlines the ability to handle traffic spikes, outages and disaster recovery.


High performance, highly dependable cloud hosting architecture created for your contact centre. Leverage our secure, reliable and flexible cloud hosting to rapidly deploy services with no up-front capital investment, backed by our 100% uptime service level agreement (SLA).

Cloud deployment makes it easy to deliver a customer experience that has the agility to respond quickly to changing customer demands while controlling your overall costs, making it easier to retain customers and stay competitive in today’s business climate.

Deployment via the Interscope Cloud:
• Lowers upfront costs while streamlining maintenance and upgrades
• Supports integrations between CRM, self-service and your contact centre that drive truly personalized interactions that differentiate your business
• Helps your self-service applications and live agents deliver first-contact resolution – making your customer experience vision a reality


On Premises Call Centres
Should you wish to keep your important data close at hand, for regulatory purposes or other – Interscope will assist you with an on-premises installations solution, provide a flexible, forward-focused design that allows you to build on your existing technology investments. All Aspect solutions benefit from a disciplined engineering approach to unified architecture, backed by steady investments in quality assurance.
Advantages of on-premises Aspect solutions:
• Deploy agents at home, in branch offices or at a centralised remote location.
• Use distributed telephony media servers for a data centre-friendly architecture.
• Lower implementation costs and total cost of ownership through full server deployment with Microsoft HyperV or VMware.
• Employ desktop virtualisation with Citrix, EDI or other technologies.
• Reduce operational costs with scalability from ten to thousands of seats across critical capabilities.
• Provide high availability, resiliency and continuity with support for disaster recovery
• Employ a distributed, n-tier architecture to manage software.
• Deploy single or multi-tenant applications that support the (SaaS) model.
• Get unlimited flexibility with “hybrid” options that allow you to use the exact same platform that’s deployed when hosting on your premises.

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